Membership Fee: AUD50 per year – No Other Fee/Commission
(For Brides/Grooms living in Sri Lanka/India - AUD25 per year)

How It Works

What happens when a new client joins?:-

  1. A new client initiates a profile with contact details and password.
  2. A link is sent to the email address provided by the client
  3. The client needs to click the link within 24 hours to activate their account
  4. The client completes all remaining data including Parents Details and Partner Preferences
  5. The client can now view a list of all possible matches without their full details
  6. The client pays membership fee
  7. Admin checks the data for validity and completeness
  8. If any issues with the data, Admin sends an email with feedback to the client to update their details
  9. If all good, Admin confirms the registration through an email to the client
  10. The client can now visit the website and run “View Matches” to see if there are any matching profiles

(Matches are carried out by computer, based on their Partner Preferences such as Age, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Religion, Country of Origin, Country of Residence requirements and Qualification Requirements. In the cases of Religion, Ethnicity and Country of Origin they are matched against other party’s parents’ information)


When does a member start communicating with other party?:-

  1. When Client-1 likes any of the matching profiles provided by “View Matches”, they can indicate it to other party (Client-2) using “Express Interest” button
  2. Client-2 can find out the incoming expression of interest through email or by visiting the website and clicking “View Interests” button  (Clients can send messages to a matching party through the website at any time without revealing their email address)
  3. After reviewing the profile, if Client-2 likes to proceed further they can click Accept button.
  4. If Accepted, both parties have access to other side's contact details (phone and email address)
  5. Either party can contact, exchange further details and initiate discussions